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Provided that, if the Commissioner has not notified the person who lodged the objection of polo shilton promo his decision on it within three months after receiving the notice of objection, or within such longer period as the Commissioner and that person may agree, the objection shall.
(5) Any tax payable in respect of any assessment made upon a public officer of a company in his capacity as such shall be recoverable from the company of which he is the public officer.
(8) As soon as practicable after the tax payable by a person has been determined, the Commissioner-General shall (a) set off any amount of provisional tax the person may have paid against, successively (i) the tax the person is liable to pay; and (ii) any.
the happening of some event stipulated in the trust instrument other than the exercise of that discretion; be a beneficiary with a vested right; or (b) is not income deemed by virtue of section ten to have been received or have accrued to.(3) A person who retains, in accordance with conditions specified by the Commissioner, photographical re- productions in miniature of a document or book referred offre promotionnelle samsung j3 to in paragraph (c) of subsection (1 which is not a ledger, cash-book or journal, shall be deemed to retain that. (1) In this Schedule approved estimated life, in relation to a mine, means the estimate of the life of the mine determined by a company for the purposes of subparagraph (a) of subparagraph (2) of paragraph 2 or, if the Commis- sioner does not accept.Subsection substituted by Act 15 of 2002 part III income TAX 6 Levy of income tax There shall be charged, levied and collected throughout Zimbabwe for the benefit of the Consolidated Reve- nue Fund an income tax in respect of the taxable income, as defined.(2) Notices given by the Commissioner under this Act may be signed by any officer authorized by him on his behalf, and any notice purporting to be signed by order of the Commissioner shall be as valid and effectual as if signed by himself.(2) The Commissioner shall consider the proposals submitted in terms of subsection (1) and, if of the opinion that the taxable income calculated in accordance therewith approaches as closely as possible to that which might be expected to ensue if the general provisions of this. An allowance in respect of (a) commercial buildings, farm improvements, industrial buildings, railway lines, staff housing and tobacco barns acquired or constructed and in both cases used by the taxpayer for the purposes of his trade; (b) articles, implements, machinery and utensils belonging to and. An amount received by or accrued to or in favour of a person by way of a dividend from a company which is incorporated in Zimbabwe and is charged or chargeable to income tax.Section substituted by Act 15 of Offences: wilful failure to submit correct returns, information, etc.Paragraph (ll) inserted by Act 1 of 2014 (mm) the amount of a lump sum contribution made by an employer in the year of assessment concerned to- wards capitalising a pension fund of which his or her employees are members, that is to say,.Subparagraph inserted by Act 18 of 2000 and amended by Act. In no case shall any allowance be deductible in respect of any buildings, structures or works of a perma- nent nature other than such allowances as are deductible in terms of paragraphs 2, 3 and.(3) Where the Minister substitutes any rate of interest specified in this Act by a variable rate referred to in subsection(2 the Commissioner-General may, in terms of the Fourth Schedule to the Revenue Authority Act Chapter 23:11, issue binding general rulings on the tax consequences. Representative taxpayers.
(2) Where any commercial building, farm improvement, industrial building, railway line, staff housing, to- bacco barn, article, implement, machinery or utensil has been the subject of an allowance in terms of paragraph 2, no allowance shall be made in terms of subparagraph (1) in respect.

Offences: general.Tenth Schedule : Repealed Eleventh Schedule : Decisions of the commissioner to which any person may object.In this subparagraph building society means a building registered in terms of the Building Societies Act Chap- ter 24:02; financial institution means any banking institution registered in terms of the Banking Act Chap- ter 24:20; mortgage finance means the provision of loans for the acquisition.2) Act, 2005, furnished a return under section thirty- seven in any year of assessment shall be not liable to pay presumptive tax in accordance with the Twenty-Sixth Schedule or, if he or she pays such tax, shall not be entitled to a tax clearance.Thirtieth Schedule : Intermediated money transfer tax.(4) Notwithstanding subparagraph (2 a person carrying on mining operations in a new mine, as defined in subparagraph (8 may elect that the amount to be deducted in the year of assessment in which produc- tion on the new mine first commences shall be the. Exemption of holders of special mining leases from certain taxes.
(q) .
15 Deductions allowed in determination of taxable income (1) For the purpose of determining the taxable income of any person, there shall be deducted from the in- come of such person the amounts allowed to be deducted in terms of this section: Provided that (a).

(4)  No action shall lie against a contractor or withholding agent in respect of the withholding of any amount in terms of this section, nor shall the withholding of the amount constitute a breach of the contract concerned.
  Copies of assessments.
(11)  Where a specified taxpayer has furnished a return in terms of subsection (1 the taxpayers return of in- come is treated as an assessment served on the taxpayer by the Commissioner-General on the due date for the fur- nishing of the return.